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Bed time!

I woke up last night,  I don't know why, and was set to go back to sleep when I heard it.  Something or someone was on the stairs, I was positive that I heard the creak that happens on the third stair down. I sat up trying to rub the sleep out of my eyes and then quietly went to see what it was.

I tip toed down the first couple stairs and did not see anything. I peered over the railing down towards the front door and there I saw it, or rather her.  It was Mae Mae and she was busy taking off her clothes. I was shocked, first how did she crawl down the stairs and now how was she standing up taking off her clothes by herself, a 6 month old should not be able to do that.

I watched silently, partly to see what she was going to do and partly because I was in shock.  I found my voice when she not only unlocked the door but opened it and stepped out into the night, naked. "Mae Mae, what the heck are you doing" I yelled out to her, half running and half stumbling down the remaining set of stairs.

I yanked open the door and stepped out into the cool night just in time to see her transform, yes that is what I said, transform into a beautiful barn owl. She silently lifted off into the darkness as I stood in the doorway incredulous at what I saw.

Now I should have run upstairs immediately to wake up mom, or called out, anything but stand there in my underwear rubbing my eyes.  I kept watch for as long as I could, I mean a guy gets cold out in the night air and only in his underwear so I sat in the big chair near the fireplace and waited. I opened the blind so I could watch, cause surely she would be back, right?

I must have fallen asleep because I was startled awake by the chimes on the door gently doing their music as the door cracked open and a naked Mae Mae walked into the house and started getting dressed. Again I was at a loss for words and it wasn't until she was dressed and walking up the stairs that I finally said, "Mae Mae! Where, uhh what, are you doing?" She looked down at me with a smile and said, "Silly Poppa baby's can't talk,"  she walked upstairs and crawled into bed and was fast asleep before I could get back up there to ask her more questions.

Of course nobody believed me when I told them the story the next morning, a dream they claimed, or I was just being silly. Who knows, maybe they are right...


So we play games at the dinner table. The other night was make up a story, it can be about anything jsut make up a short story. I told this one to my boys and they request it all the time now. I promised I would write it down for them so we could save it. So here it is.


It is a girl!! Maeve Aine Norton. Quick 45 min labor and 4 pushes later she was out. baby and momma are perfect. Pics later!


Some pics here http://www.flickr.com/photos/toadkiller/

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